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LIFE IS SHORT. That may sound cliché, but life truly is about the collection of experiences and living your best day, each and every day. For some, that means taking the hills, doing the work, and optimizing your body so you’re ready for more. For others that means managing chronic pain, overcoming stress and anxiety, or simply getting a healthy night's sleep. For some, it’s all and for all, it’s some. We’re here for all of it! This is why we created Valor Craft Performance, a Veteran Owned, cannabis wellness platform developing unique forms and formulations built for everyday doers. We offer a variety of CBD products, with goals to continuously increase and improve our brand and product lines so you can increase and improve your every day. 


James Brobyn Headshot

Meet James Brobyn, he is a combat veteran who understands and has unfortunately seen firsthand how short life can be. He uses that past experience as motivation to focus on things he enjoys and help others live their best possible lives. In 2019, James noticed many veterans were using cannabis and CBD oil as an alternative to pharmaceuticals but were frustrated by the lack of access to clean pharmaceutical-grade, organic cannabis products. The search was on for a departure from the typical CBD ingredients to only the purest, best CBD ingredients that could be sourced, and ultimately found in the prime regions of Colombia and Jamaica. James continues to build the efforts around removing the stigma associated with cannabis and providing easy access to quality CBD products.

Albie Masland Headshot

Meet Albie Masland, with a passion for challenge and human connection, Albie seeks to bring wellness wherever and however his path may lead. With 10+ years in wellness and the human performance arena, Albie is an athlete for life. One time, he went running across the whole country. Despite the countless miles and the wear and tear that comes along with them, Albie’s zest for life and new challenges is relentless. Albie became the President of Valor Craft Performance in 2022 with the opportunity to take on a role that aligned with his personal belief and professional ambition. The Goal - Creating premium cannabis products that deliver optimal benefits, provide great knowledge and resources, impact change through policy and philanthropy, drive, learn, lead, and above all else, GROW. He lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife Jen, their daughter Maisy and two dogs, Pennylane and Sgt. Pepper.


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Our oil is extracted from the entire hemp plant, including the flower, to create the most complete product with a full compliment of terpenes and cannabinoids, for maximum benefit.

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Our products are free of harmful pesticides or contaminants, which is beneficial for our customers as well as the environment.

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Contains all components of the plant, including a variety of terpenes and cannabinoids to create maximum benefits of the full entourage effect.

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Stringent layers of testing using ISO-accredited labs ensure our products are pure, our labeling is accurate, and that our premium products are just that – Premium.

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