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Ambassador CBD: A Growing Player in The Premium CBD World by Swagger Magazine

Ambassador CBD are a few of the products that Valor Craft Performance used to house. The CBD industry has been growing alongside the legalization of cannabis and cannabis derived products in many parts of the world. Even before being legal, the health benefits of CBD plants were known to the world and thousands of people became engaged in use with pure CBD oil products.

Owing popularity to the numerous potential health and wellness benefits, the hemp plant is used in many forms: oils, topicals, vapes, gummies, etc. One of the most unique brands in this regard is Ambassador CBD which is renowned for its pure, authentic, and highly effective premium CBD imports from Colombia and Jamaica.

Owner and CEO of American Fiber Company, James Brobyn, is growing his cannabis company by bringing a new level of commitment to authenticity by importing and selling pure CBD-based products grown near the equator under the Ambassador CBD brand. The company offers a variety of pure CBD tinctures with differing levels of potency so that there’s something for everyone.

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8/1/22 UPDATE: Ambassador Worldwide has been rebranded as Valor Craft Performance!

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