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Valor Craft Has Raised Over $20,000 For Non-profits in Four Months With Their Acts of Valor Campaign

Paw Paw, Michigan – Valor Craft Cannabis started their “Acts of Valor” campaign in June of 2022, and has raised over $20,000 for non-profits as of October 2022.

Valor Craft Cannabis represents the DOERS of the world, and they are continuously finding ways to do something that will positively impact others. In June 2022, VC started a campaign called “Acts of Valor”, where they collaborate with dispensaries and non-profit organizations throughout Michigan to make a deep-rooted, perpetual impact within the community. This is done by raising money with on-site “Valor Days” at dispensaries to rally donations for the project, charity, or cause of their choice. This campaign is geared towards DOERS coming together to remove the stigma associated with cannabis, and bring resources to those in need.

In October 2022, the CBD brand of the company, Valor Craft Performance joined in on the effort. Their first Acts of Valor event, CanJam, consisted of 4 endurance runners, including the VCP President, running 50 miles rim to rim to rim of the Grand Canyon in a single day.

How Donations Have Been used So Far

As of October 2022, Valor Craft has hosted 6 campaign events, worked with 4 cannabis dispensaries, 4 non-profits, and 4 endurance athletes to raise over $20,000 for the community. These donations have provided over 500 marijuana expungements, multiple scholarships, and resources for multiple Veterans.

“When we decided to run with the Acts of Valor campaign I wasn’t sure if retailers would get involved because of the current market climate in the cannabis industry, but I was pleasantly surprised! It’s crazy to think we created this much impact with 4 amazing stores and 6 Acts of Valor events! That alone makes this accomplishment mean so much more to me. My heart is so full with gratitude for everyone who’s helped me with this! We are just getting started!”

-Taylor Hottenstein, Director of Sales for Michigan

The first Valor day was hosted in June at Lake Effect in Portage, Michigan to support Son’s & Daughters United. For this event, the campaign raised $1,140, which was the most S&D has raised at a single event. They used that money to help people with prior drug offenses get scholarships, and were able to pay for over half a dozen marijuana expungements.

The second Valor Day was hosted in August with Light N’ Up in Flint, Michigan to support Genesee County Veterans Services. For this event, the campaign raised $2,597. Shannon Garrett with GCVS personally helps veterans in the area obtain day to day essentials they can’t get themselves by taking them shopping, finding them transportation, shelter, or whatever else they are in need of. These donations were able to provide a month’s worth of groceries for a veteran man who is 70+ years old and still working full time to provide himself and his brother shelter, food, and whatever healthcare they can get. They were also able to provide a veteran woman an opportunity to remove herself from an unhealthy situation by supplying her with shelter, bedding, day to day essentials, food, and winter attire.

The third & fourth Valor Days were hosted at Green Stem in Niles, Michigan. One in September and one in October which raised a total of $9,694. These donations will go towards legal expungements for those affected by the prohibition of Cannabis, organized by Great Lakes Expungement Network (GLEN).

The fifth Valor campaign event #CANJAM raised $6,688 going towards the Travis Manion Foundation, a non-profit organization that empowers veterans and families of fallen heroes to develop character in future generations with a variety of programs and services. Funds raised for this campaign will go to TMF’s Spartan Leadership Program Expeditions where veterans and survivors further develop, connect, challenge and then leverage their innate skills.

The sixth and most recent Valor Day was hosted at Meds Cafe Halloween party in Manistee, Michigan raising a total of $600 for the Great Lakes Expungement Network.

Join The Acts of Valor Campaign

Cannabis retailers are encouraged to join this campaign with the opportunity to support a project, cause, or charity of their choice! Customers are encouraged to keep an eye out for upcoming Valor Days at their favorite dispensaries! Anyone can support by donating or buying Valor Craft products during Valor Day events. Whether you are a customer, industry worker, or owner, any participation in this campaign goes to a great cause. Follow Valor Craft on social media or visit their events page.


About Valor Craft

Valor Craft is a product of Greenville, Delaware-based American Fiber Company, a private multi-state cannabis and CBD-products company committed to removing the stigma associated with cannabis and hemp.

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