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Valor Craft Cannabis Products

Whether you’re charging the next hill life has to offer, managing pain and stress or optimizing your recovery so you're ready for more…

Valor Craft…by Doers, for Doers


Lalita, New Customer

I am new to everything CBD, so this helps me find the right product for me. I just tried this today and it is helping. I'm eager to try your other brands too. Thank you for a positive experience!


Sarah & Squirrel

You all have saved my cats life and I'm not kidding one bit!


My 1.5 yr old cat, Squirrel, was diagnosed with Stomatitis back in December after an emergency trip to the vet when she started acting lethargic. Being the cannabis advocate that I am and knowing about autoimmune diseases and the endocannabinoid system... I immediately started looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable source for her to get on cbd oil. 

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Briony F., New Customer

 I especially like using Trelawny or valor before bed and Rionegro when I'm studying. This has been a great first experience with CBD oil!