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Valor Craft Cannabis Products

Whether you’re charging the next hill life has to offer, managing pain and stress, or optimizing your wellness and recovery so you're ready for more…

Choose Valor Craft…by Doers, for Doers. 

VCP Pet Tincture with PitBull
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Valor Craft Performance Launch and Landing CBD Gummies
Valor Craft Premium Flower Prerolls
VCP High Strength Topical
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VCP Landing Sleep CBD Gummies


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"Our partnership with Valor has allowed us to reach more families and make a bigger impact than ever before."


We started Sons and Daughters United when I was 19 - my dad spent much of my childhood incarcerated and communicating with him was expensive and difficult. We launched our family connection grant to help people stay connected to their loved ones during times of incarceration- thru jpay payments, travel expenses, calling cards, and stationary.

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"You all have saved my cats life and I'm not kidding one bit!"


My 1.5 yr old cat, Squirrel, was diagnosed with Stomatitis back in December after an emergency trip to the vet when she started acting lethargic. Being the cannabis advocate that I am and knowing about autoimmune diseases and the endocannabinoid system... I immediately started looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable source for her to get on cbd oil. 

Sarah & Squirrel

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Locally grown in Paw Paw, Valor Craft provides the highest quality recreational cannabis you can find in Michigan.


Clean products enhanced with natural vitamins and CBD for a healthy and consistent daily wellness routine.


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