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How To Create Successful Community Relationships

Early in this business-building adventure, an advisor asked me if I was building a CPG brand or a community. My answer was simple, Valor Craft Performance is a community built around a “Do More” mindset. We make products that support the mindset and activate the community. - Albie Masland | VCP President

The wonderful bigger piece of that whole short and sweet response is the actual building of the community. It takes time. It takes a clear mission and vision. It takes social, emotional, and physical capital. It takes early champions and leaders adopting “the way” of the community AND very importantly, it takes value-added partnerships that deliver mutually beneficial returns. Real talk, it’s about finding good humans to do good work with.

5-Quick-Steps to Building and Maintaining Community Relationships

Whether you are building a company, setting goals, or growing your personal and professional network, the following factors will be key to the health and rewards of the relationships and partnerships you create.

Proximity - If you see a potential partnership you want to develop, put yourself in proximity to that individual, group, or organization. If they don’t know you and they don’t see you then they won’t be partnering with you.

Alignment - A strong partner doesn’t have to play in the same space or the same industry. It is beneficial when they share a target audience, but that is not always a 1:1. Sometimes it’s even better when there is an overlapping demographic alongside populations without any similarity. This can create a partner validation spillover effect.

Talk it Out - Great partnerships start with clarity. Be sure both sides understand the intentions, details, and outcomes expected. Poor communication generates poor outcomes whatever the relationship type.

Build Trust - Alignment and communication lay the foundation for trust, but the real action of trusting a partner comes when the execution of deliverables is on deadline. Do what you say you will do when you say you will do it. It’s simple.

Champion Each Other - Celebrate your partner's accomplishments even when they don’t pertain to your partnership arrangement. This doesn’t mean you have to e-blast or post on social media. A simple call, text, or handwritten note to let them know you see their work and their growth, and their wins and you’re here for it!

These concepts are not exhaustive but they are comprehensive and applicable to partnerships on all levels. For us, they serve as a template to build and grow our community of “Doers” looking to “Do More.” We are stoked to formalize our yearlong 2023 Challenge partnership with the Travis Manion Foundation - Empowering Veterans and Families of Fallen Heroes to Develop Character in Future Generations. TMF drives value across the nation through its programs and community activation. Our leadership team roots date back a decade through work with TMF and as a Veteran Owned Company, continuing to serve those who serve and the greater community as a whole is core to our business model.


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