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VCP By Doers, For Doers

No disrespect if you’re more of a “Lowe’s Household” vs. a “Home Depot Household” - we like both over here at VCP. However, in a battle of framing and slogans, we took a page out of the old orange and white playbook and built our brand voice to speak to those who do. No, we aren’t Home Depot, but we’d like to evolve into the Home Depot of Cannabis – “everything you need for everything you do” type of mindset.

We are Valor Craft Performance! Built by Doers. Built for Doers. Driven to support performance regardless of what that looks like for our community.

What is a DOER?




  1. the person who does something. "the doer of the action"

We talk about being built by doers for doers, but what does that mean? It is a broad spectrum; a doer can encompass many attributes, so let’s break it down. A doer can be a parent, a professional in a high-performing position, someone who is trying to go from the couch to a 5k, or someone who works multiple jobs to make sure their family has what they need. It’s really simple…if you are actively doing anything to improve your well-being (and others, too) through action, you are a doer.

We want to present, create, and build a big tent community of people who want to make themselves well and try to find ways to be more inclusive and bring more people into this “doer” mindset. So whether you are a teacher, a health care worker, an activist, or someone who stands on the front lines and fights for the rest of us…keep doing what you do!

How Can We Come Together as Doers?

Humans exist across a spectrum. On one side, you have those who don’t and won’t; on the other, you have those who do. We want to make products, build community, and inspire humans to move to the right incrementally and if you’re already on the right we want to help you optimize your life. With this framework in mind, you have to look at what holds humans back and keeps them from taking the day, the hill, their life, and doing more. In many cases, it all comes down to the big bucket of wellness. Wellness is determined by several factors - positive emotions, positive relationships, engagement, meaning, achievement, and vitality. If you can check some of these off, you’re in a great place to do. If you step back and observe yourself and don’t see these boxes being checked, take note but do not despair. Remember, you can always improve your wellness. It’s like a muscle that must be worked.

Common roadblocks to poor wellness are:

  • Pain

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Poor Sleep

  • Depression

  • Inflammation

Well, friends, herein lies the beauty of Cannabis as a tool to support your total wellness practice. Cannabis is not a magic box you jump into and pop out of leveled up in life. Cannabis does naturally interact with your body to support, reduce, mitigate the above conditions making it an awesome compliment to a healthy diet, working out, finding passion and hobbies that engage you, and spending time with good people as you ride life's social, physical, and emotional waves.

As a major piece of our mission to Make Others Well (M.O.W) we will continue to humanize, destigmatize, educate and have an awesome time along the way.

Have an awesome day and ….

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