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I sat down to write about the importance of doing the “hard shit” in life as a method for growth with the inspirational voices of a few humans (with a great deal of experience on the matter) I admire bouncing around in my brain. It seems one of them was actively marinating and writing newsletters on the subject simultaneously. Into my email box lands the newsletter from my favorite author of recent times, Michael Easter, entitled “Do Hard Things.” Now, I could have just ripped his thoughts and placed those down on paper, but that would have run counter to the entire premise for which I’m writing. It would have been easy. Worse, it would not have been original. So with that, I have not opened the newsletter and will only do so when this is complete.

Do hard things and the rest of life gets easier and you appreciate it all the more.

- Michael Easter, The Comfort Crisis

I’m not an expert, nor am I perfect in my application, but I have done some unique and objective/subjective hard things:

Running 3025 Miles across the USA - Check

Running a 3-Man Relay from Houston - San Diego in 30 Days - Check

Running Rim to Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon in a single day - Check

Willingly adopting and renovating a Cannabis company into a Hybrid Plant Performance community of Doers with products designed to help you DO MORE – in Progress (maybe the most difficult) - Check

This collection of experiences has offered me many lessons and adages with application in all facets of my life (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) OR yours.

3 Takeaways You Can Apply to All Aspects of Life

Hard Work Works - Call it a life hack. If you do hard things the “other things” become easier. The work you put in and the time spent “in the process” prepares you for your future “hard things.” It reminds you that you have been there, you have felt doubt and pain, and you have pushed yourself through to the other side. That is trained resilience. It’s worth every penny in pursuit.

Intimidate Yourself - Just because you’re scared doesn’t make you unprepared. Fear is a worthy motivator. It’s also a necessary component of growth in most instances, and THAT IS WHY YOU DO THE HARD THINGS IN LIFE – TO GROW.

Take the Step - Whether it’s the first step or the 100,000th step: you’ll never know until you go, and you’ll never grow if you never go.

The bottom line, completing hard tasks can bring numerous benefits, both tangible and intangible.

  • It builds resilience and increases self-confidence, as it demonstrates the ability to overcome a challenge.

  • It leads to personal growth and development, as it often requires learning new skills or knowledge.

  • Completing hard tasks creates a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, which boost motivation and overall well-being.

We love to share our thoughts, and we love to hear yours! If you want to share your experience, advice, or feedback, contact us!

Have an Awesome Day!

Written by: Valor Craft Performance President, Albie Masland


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