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A New Year For A New View

“New Year, New You”...for better or worse it is a boilerplate mindset adopted by millions as they turn over the year and present themselves with a fresh “set of downs”, “a blank slate”, “a new chapter”, but it means something different for everyone. As a hybrid plant performance platform, built by doers, for doers, this is a forever motto. We are ambitious in setting our life pursuits just as we are in building our company, our community, and the products designed to serve those who want to “DO MORE”. That means setting goals, writing them down, and charging hard to achieve them, not just at the beginning of every year, but when needed, at any time, in any mindset.

The reality is, 80% of people will fail at their new year goals by February. Don’t let that be you!

Why They Fail

1. They set a goal without taking time to assess themselves and establish their strengths, areas of opportunity, and most importantly, their “why” e.g. a cause greater than themselves

2. Which has them picking a goal based on a typical list of things they see others doing or those goals that could be categorized as “low-hanging fruit”

  1. I want to lose weight

  2. I want to get in shape

  3. I want to read more books

3. They don’t share those goals with a support group capable of holding them accountable

These missteps leave the majority of people with new year's resolutions and goals that are NOT built for them AND, subsequently are not achievable either. It’s a cycle designed to fail, which makes people feel like they have failed. When in reality, if the right goals and conditions were set, the likelihood of success dramatically increases.

Pro Tips for Setting Successful Goals:

Assess YoSelf: Marinate on the things you’d love to see yourself achieve, the impact you want to have, and the feeling completing X would bring you and others. If you aren’t sure where to start you can take a great FREE assessment of your unique character strengths HERE and use that as a starting point. Self-reflection breeds self-activation.

Studies have shown that the more we align our core values and principles, the more likely we are to benefit from our goal plans (Erez, 1986).

Write it All Down: Your goals deserve guidance, context, and parameters in advance of your pursuit and success. Goals that are written down are 42% more achievable.

Two Examples:

ABC - Achievable, Believable, Committed

SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Bound

Speak them into existence: Share them with your friends, family, and support network. The more eyes you have on your goals the more eyes you have to hold you accountable, cheering you on, and providing a boost when things become challenging.

A Challenge Built For You:

For these reasons and many more VCP is partnering with Travis Manion Foundation for the entire 2023 year in support of the 2023 Challenge – This is a yearlong goal-setting, goal-achieving, community-driven, fundraising effort supporting the “If Not Me, Then Who…” mission of the Travis Manion Foundation.

This challenge is what you make it. You can meet your fundraising goal by simply sharing the impact of TMF with your friends and family on your social media channels. You can run, walk, cycle, do 2023 burpees or push-ups if you want to push yourself physically in the new year. You can fundraise in honor of a fallen hero or activate in your community year-round while raising critical funds for the #IfNotMeThenWho mission. The best part is that you have new friends and fellow Spartans in this group who are here to help you. We’ll be sharing success stories of past and current independent fundraisers within our Facebook Group to inspire you to keep going.


Connect with us at Valor Craft Performance by joining our newsletter to stay updated on the latest news, promos, education, and more. We are here to support you, your goals, and your experience with our community and products designed to help you DO MORE!


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