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CBD Oil for Inflammation: What to Know

CBD Oil is on the rise, and rightfully so. It comes with a host of potential benefits for the people that use it on a regular basis. For people that are immunocompromised, a plethora of joint and muscle pain can arise. In many cases, these individuals don’t want to succumb to the effects of painkillers because of how toxic and addictive they can be. Instead, they choose to opt for more holistic remedies like CBD oil.

Did you know that many clinical studies have suggested that CBD reduces the level of pro-inflammatory cytokines and mitigates the migration of immune cells? Let’s take a look at the potential benefits that come when using CBD oil for anti-inflammatory purposes, and how it can possibly impact your health for the long-term. While there is no cure in place for anti-inflammatory diseases and conditions, you can certainly work towards managing your pain, leaving a lot of room to enjoy the simplicities of your life and not allowing pain to be the epicenter.

What is CBD?

Before we discuss all the potential benefits of CBD oil, it should be noted that many use it for relief of their symptoms from inflammation. To read more about its functionality and usage, you can refer to this study here. The typical formulation of this compound is oil-based. CBD is derived from the cannabis plant and is known to have properties that take on bodily inflammation.

CBD Oil For Inflammation: The Potential For Symptom Relief

For consumers that are new to CBD, the amount of information and products that are available can be overwhelming, to say the least. If you’re looking for natural remedies to combat your pain, CBD oil could be a viable solution for managing inflammation. According to a variety of studies, CBD is beneficial for reducing bodily pain because it directly affects the endocannabinoid receptor activities, cutting down on inflammation and engaging with our neurotransmitters. For those afflicted with chronic pain due to immune disorders, it can be hard to get through your day to day when the pain acts as a hindrance. Don’t just tolerate the pain if there is a solution that can mitigate the issues. Pain manifests physically, but if it’s allowed to linger it can hinder your mental health because of how prevalent it is in your life. CBD oil might be beneficial for curbing anxiety and the debilitating symptoms that accompany it.

Valor Craft Performance carries a variety of CBD oil products. Be sure to coordinate with our team for any questions you may have about the oils that we currently have available. To learn more about the products that we offer, you can click here.

Cannabinoid And Cytokines

Cytokines are proteins that are created and released by our immune cells through stimulation. They are responsible for balancing and resolving the issues of inflammation in the body.

You can read more about the correlation between Cannabinoids and Cytokines here.

Colitis and The Effects of Cannabinoids

When inflammation is present, various cellular components are activated within your intestinal tract. According to what experts are saying within their studies, the cannabinoid stimulation receptors could be useful in managing the effects of experimental colitis. It has the ability to mediate protective components for colitis. The study goes on to prove that cannabinoids are proven to balance out the tissue that responds to an overabundance of inflammation in the colon.

In doing so, proinflammatory cytokines are suppressed which helps control the pathways of the cells that deal with cellular responses. Due to these positive impacts, it leaves a lot of room for discussion and continued experimentation in testing the effectiveness of CBD oil and GI-related issues.

The Effects of Cannabinoids On Other Inflammatory Diseases

Cannabinoid receptors are a tangible asset for repairing the immune system from top to bottom. Exogenous cannabinoids have indicated the capacity to suppress T-cell centric immune responses.

Coupled with suppressing processes like apoptosis and eradicating potent cytokines, the window of opportunity for these findings is proving to be very sizable. With that in mind, further evaluations will need to be conducted in order to solidify the findings and mechanisms of how else it’s working in our bodies. The potential that CBD’s properties are posing thus far is phenomenal. If they moonlight as anti-inflammatory agents, the need for conventional methods of reducing pain with pain killers and over the counter solutions will slowly begin to dissipate, especially if more people become open-minded to utilizing CBD oil in their day to day lives.

If you have more questions about our products, mission, and the intricacies of CBD oil, you can contact us here.


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