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Valor Craft Announces Support for Sierra Delta’s Canine Life Buddy Program for Veterans

Company donating 50% of profits from CBD product line for past and present military personnel

GREENVILLE, Delaware – American Fiber has created a new line of Valor Craft CBD products within the Valor Craft Performance brand house in hopes of benefiting those experiencing discomforts of past and present military personnel and their service dogs. Valor Craft will donate 50% of the profits from all their products to Sierra Delta, a Madison, WI-based nonprofit that empowers veterans by providing access to approved dog training and community through its innovative Life Buddy Program.

The co-branded line of Valor Craft and Sierra Delta products, includes a THC-free product for those still serving; and a line for Life Buddies and service dogs, along with its premium blended full-spectrum CBD oil product.

“As a fellow veteran-owned business, we are honored to have the opportunity to support Sierra Delta’s mission,” said James Brobyn, CEO of American Fiber. “We want to help them achieve their goal of serving 1,000 Veterans with Life Buddies this year — the same amount as all other U.S. service dog organizations combined.”

“We appreciate American Fiber’s support of our efforts to provide the support veterans need when returning home,” said Sierra Delta Founder and CEO BJ Ganem, a Marine who was severely injured by an IED attack in Iraq in 2004. “Both Sierra Delta and American Fiber are committed to helping soldiers transition back into society, and we’re proud to partner with them.”

Valor Craft is a product of Greenville, Delaware-based American Fiber Company is a private multi-state cannabis and CBD-products company committed to removing the stigma associated with cannabis and hemp.

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