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New Acts of Valor Campaign Bringing Resources to The Michigan Cannabis Community

What Valor Craft is Doing

Valor Craft represents the DOERS of the world, so we collaborate with dispensaries and non-profit organizations to make a deep-rooted perpetual impact within our Michigan community. We started this campaign called Acts of Valor so that we can make a difference in communities alongside others who also have the goal of removing the stigma associated with cannabis and bringing resources to those in need. Teaming up with dispensaries and non-profits allows us to get a larger group of people supporting the same cause.

Check out this podcast featuring our sales rep Taylor Hottenstein that explains more about our campaign purpose!

A Success in the Making

Acts of Valor is an ongoing campaign where we can collaborate with dispensaries across the state of Michigan and raise money for a charity, project, or cause of their choice. We do this with an on-site Valor Day at the dispensary where we rally donations. Not only that, but each time someone buys a Valor Craft product during our Valor Day a portion of that money is donated to the campaign cause.

Our first campaign was started in June 2022 with Sons & Daughters and Lake Effect Dispensary. Son’s and Daughter’s United (SADU) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides financial, emotional, and legal support to low-income, underprivileged, and minority populations. Within our first Valor Day with them we were able to host multiple on-site marijuana expungement eligibility screenings and raise $1,100 in total. Sons & Daughters are now using this money to help drug offenders get scholarships as well as paying for over half a dozen marijuana expungements. Since then we have Valor Days planned with three other dispensaries and non-profits and hope to continue growing this campaign as long as we can.


We started Sons and Daughters United when I was 19 - my dad spent much of my childhood incarcerated and communicating with him was expensive and difficult. We launched our family connection grant to help people stay connected to their loved ones during times of incarceration- thru jpay payments, travel expenses, calling cards, and stationary.


Our partnership with Valor has allowed us to reach more families and make a bigger impact than ever before.

- Josey Scoggin | Founder of Son's & Daughter's United


How Can You Participate?

You may be wondering, “How can I support this cause and participate in this campaign?”

If you work at a dispensary or own a dispensary you can reach out to us at If you are a customer, keeping an eye for our upcoming Valor Days near you is key. You can do this by following our Instagram @valorcraftcanna, or visiting our events page. We post each and every upcoming event so that all can come and participate. You can support by buying any Valor Craft product that the dispensary sells or you can simply donate money. Whether you are a customer, worker, or owner, any participation in this campaign means the world to us and the organization we are supporting.

Moving forward we want to keep this campaign going to make a significant and long lasting impact within the Michigan community while raising money for many different causes. We intend to spread this campaign across Michigan in every way possible and we would love for you to join us!

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